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Eudoxus Systems helps businesses to make better decisions and run their operations more efficiently. We do this by analysing business problems and building mathematical models of them. We then embed these mathematical models within computer systems to provide day-to-day assistance to those businesses.

Our main technical strength lies in models involving mathematical optimization. These are techniques which we have been using for the past 20 years to tackle planning and scheduling problems around the world. We also believe in promoting their wider use, hence this web site with its examples of applications and its lecture notes to help you learn how to apply the techniques yourself.

Another strength lies in providing support to legacy systems implemented using Aspentech's SCM package (formerly Chesapeake Decision Science's Mimi). The main programming language used in these systems is SCM's Expert System. Eudoxus Systems has developed a pretty printer for this, SYN for Aspen SCM Expert System. This aims to
  • help those maintaining legacy systems to understand what their code does;
  • improve the effectiveness of those developing or modifying code by finding errors before the code is run.
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The main business areas in which we work are the oil industry and paper and packaging. These are two of the industries where planning and scheduling problems are most complex and where mathematical models have been proven to yield substantial commercial benefits.

We named our company Eudoxus after the Greek mathematician Eudoxus of Cnidus.

We hope that this site is of use to students. All of the material on it can be reproduced for non-commercial purposes without fee provided the source is acknowledged. We ask students, however, to understand that we are a business and that we have to earn all our revenue. Please can students not contact us for further information or to seek internships.

We are pleased to respond to commercial enquiries, initially by telephone or fax. We have removed our email address from this website in order to discourage non-commercial enquiries and spam.
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