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Expert System

Aspen SCM Expert System (also known as MIMI/E) is the programming language which is used as "glue" in building applications using Aspen SCM. Although it is an expert system language, it contains procedural elements and is most often used as a conventional procedural language.

Eudoxus Systems has worked with Aspen SCM and its predecessor, Chesapeake Decision Science's MIMI, for many years. During this time we have observed how
Aspen SCM Expert System works and have developed our own tools and techniques for using it effectively. We have recorded this in a document intended primarily for new staff but also used as a reference by experienced staff. The links below are the Table of Contents for this document.

These pages reflect our understanding: they are not "official" and are based solely on our observations of the software's behaviour. No undertaking is given as to their accuracy for any specific version of Aspen SCM.

1. Elements
2. Flow of Control
3. How to Write Procedural Code